At McCredie Investments, we focus on investing in standout businesses, reshaping our interactions and experiences in the real estate and technology sectors. As a dedicated partner and operator, we deliver the essential capital and specialized knowledge required to foster the growth of our portfolio companies.

Distinguished as a leading investment and advisory firm, our expertise lies in pioneering real estate services and forefront technology solutions. Driven by our unwavering commitment to excellence, we excel in converting potential into profit, leading innovation and transformation.

See Who We Are

See Who We Are


Transparent Simplicity

The industries we serve can be simple. We aim to dispel confusion by offering clear, straightforward insights that empower our businesses and clients.

Embracing Evolution

We cultivate an environment where continuous improvement and innovative solutions are paramount. This ethos enables our business portfolio to adapt and lead as pioneers in their respective industries.

Expertise in Action

We operate with dedication and passion for advancing technology in real estate. We are committed to bringing PropTech solutions to life, simplifying transactions, and enhancing the overall experience in the property sector.

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